Saturday, January 21, 2006

A lot of you probably saw the Vancouver Canucks vs. Montreal Canadiens. What a game that was. In the first period the Vancouver Canucks scored six back to back goals, and the Montreal Canadiens didn't get any that period. First Period 6-0 Vancouver. The Second Period the Montreal Canadiens scored once, and same with the Third. Unfortunately the Vancouver Canucks didn't score anymore goals after the First. Although the Vancouver Canucks did tie a the club record for six goals in one period. The final score was 6-2 Vancouver Canucks.

Also today the Ottawa Senators owned the Toronto Maple Leafs. Ottawa played well out shooting Toronto. The final score of this game was 7-0 Ottawa Senators.

The Calgary Flames played the Buffalo Sabres today. Calgary easily won this game 4-1 Final.

Edmonton on the other hand had a harder game to play against the Phoenix Coyotes. It was a pretty tight game. Phoenix scored in the final minutes of the Third forcing the game to go to OT. In OT neither teams scored making it a Shoot Out. Phoenix won this game 4-3.


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