Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Did anybody watch the game yesterday on Rogers Sportsnet Pacific? Yeah, there's something seriously wrong with the Vancouver Canucks! They freakin' lost against the worst team in the NHL, the St. Louis Blues. Everybody should know the saying CBC: Can't Beat Canucks Well I came up with my own thing like that, CBS: Canucks Badly Suck.

Oh well, look at yesterdays game with Ottawa and Atlanta, Atlanta sucks, yet they beat Ottawa the best team in league by a lot.

Anyways, tomorrow I will start my first review on a game. I won't mention the game or it will ruin the surprise not that anybody cares.

Moving on, today unfortunately marks the return to school for us BC kids. Should be an easy day though, today also marks the 20th Anniversity of the launch of Vancouver's SkyTrain.

Time to hit the hay, see ya'll tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

canucks suck

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